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Wendy Purcell

Holistic Therapist, Hypnotherapist & Coach

License MFC 38169

I am Wendy Purcell, a licensed, holistic psychotherapist with a very straight forward approach. I believe everyone has the answers and wisdom within, I just help them get unstuck.

As a holistic therapist I use mixture of therapies, including energy psychology, hypnosis and coaching techniques.

If you are ready to begin your transformation from pain/symptoms into health and wellness , call me 949.244.7246   


Small steps every day

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Holistic Therapy

We all experience traumas at some point, physical or emotional – divorce, death, abuse, illness, and these get locked into the body’s subconscious.

Some trauma is dormant, while some are alive and well, and very painful.  If you've ever thought, "I get it" mentally, but still feel stuck and unable to move forward, this is normal, because the pain, the memories and the response behaviors are still in the body. 

Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) I help you identify thoughts that are directing your feelings and behaviors, then using Energy Psychology techniques and/or Hypnosis, we will reprogram/eliminate the thought.


Change your thoughts

Transform your life

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Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool in healing both physical and psychological symptoms, releasing what you don't want, and creating what you do want.  

It works by putting your conscious mind and body into a very relaxed state, while the subconscious mind becomes highly focused and aware.  In this relaxed state you can uncover limiting beliefs and introduce positive suggestions to help reach your desired goals.  

Make your own path

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Coaching is different from therapy. Therapy asks WHY and coaching focuses on the HOW.  How do I get from A to B?  

Whatever the goal – a new business, changing career or reinvesting in a marriage - once you have the goal in mind, we take a 360 degree look at all the steps and skills needed. Then, we identify and clear obstacles before creating an action plan for success.

During the process its common to hit road blocks and this is where a holistic approach is effective. Using a mixture of traditional coaching techniques along with therapeutic ones, including hypnosis, you can successfully tackle them and get results fast.

Therapy wherever you need it

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Remote Therapy via Phone, Face-time or Skype

If you can’t make an appointment,distance an issue, or you experience anxiety about going into an office I offer remote therapy to many of my clients via phone, Face-time or Skype.   

During the sessions we will tackle the issues and then as with most traditional sessions, I will suggest homework for you to work on. 


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Office: 25431 Cabot Road, Suite 207, Laguna Hills CA 92653, US

Call: 949-244-7246

Email: wendypurcell@gmail.com

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