Life Transforming

“What do you say to the person who transformed your life? Thank you will never be enough, but I know it is more than enough for her because she clearly enjoys her work. I began seeing Wendy after a doctor recommended her to me. I wanted some "tools" with which to guide my life, I wanted to learn how to live the best life possible, I wanted to do something constructive. I have been to therapy in the past and felt that mostly I just talked the whole time, they told me my life was great and off I went. I knew I wanted someone to help me dig deeper, to be honest with me, to help me improve as an individual. At the time I was really struggling with my career path, having left one job and searching for another. But I found my time with Wendy so educational, I begged to come more often.

I love Wendy because she doesn't keep you coming back more than you need. She honestly works miracles. She knew the best way to communicate with me was through books, she always had one to suggest to me and they have changed my life. I learned that I do not create my thoughts, they are just thoughts and I can control what thought I attach to. I get to decide if I want to allow myself to be in pain. I have learned that when you argue with reality, "you will lose, but only every time." That is a quote from Byron Katie, one of the amazing authors Wendy is well versed in. I have learned to look at my reality and to accept it and beyond that, enjoy it. When I practice these techniques I am free. When I need a "tune up," Wendy is always there. My husband has even joined me and it has really helped us make the most of our marriage.

I have sent so many friends to Wendy for a wide variety of needs, everyone loves their time with her. Its my safe place. Wendy is so unique in her field, she truly has a gift. I am beyond grateful. “

Jennifer S, Costa Mesa

eileen keighley