wendy purcell, MA, LMFT, CH, Therapist, Hypnotehrapist and Coach, mnarriage and family therapist, congnitive behavioral therapy and depression

How I can support you

Wendy Purcell has provided therapy to our family on and off since 2006.  She has helped us with our marriage, negative self-talk, parenting, grief and has helped our daughters with their individual needs as well.  Her philosophy that therapy should be educative, solution-focused and short term is why we continue to call her when life gets tough. A common phrase in our house is "what would Wendy say right now".

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Everyone experiences the highs and lows of life - this is normal.

During stressful times our emotions intensify and we can become confused, scared and overwhelmed. Reaching out for help and support shows  real strength and courage; it is the action that takes you a step closer to the change and personal growth you desire.

Common results my clients have found from seeking therapy:

  • Building a new life after death or divorce
  • Feeling joy again after a traumatic event
  • Eliminating the need for medications or substances
  • Improved relationships with family, friends and colleagues
  • Increased self-esteem and self-reliance
  • Improved marriage and parenting
  • Autonomy from your thoughts and feelings
  • Life without depression, stress or anxiety
  • Finding yourself again after your nest becomes empty
  • Prepared and confident for marriage and children
  • Reinvested and excited in your career
  • Clarity and connection with your authentic or spiritual self
  • Achieving personal goals

Contact Wendy on 949 244-7246, wendypurcell@gmail.com, 25431 Cabot Road Suite #207, Laguna Hills, CA 92653