wendy purcell, MA, LMFT, CH, Therapist, Hypnotehrapist and Coach, mnarriage and family therapist, congnitive behavioral therapy and depression

Let your subconscious do the work

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​Hypnotherapy is a powerful process in healing both physical and psychological symptoms, allowing you to release what you don't want, and creating what you do want.  Hypnosis works by putting your conscious mind and body into a very relaxed state, while the subconscious mind becomes very focused and aware.  In this relaxed state you are able to uncover limiting beliefs and then introduce positive suggestions to reach your desired goals.

During  hypnosis you are conscious and aware of everything at all times. You are in complete control, you can talk and move. You will feel your blood pressure lower, and heart rate slow down as your body goes into deep relaxation. Some people fall asleep but that is ok, because your subconscious operates when you are either asleep or awake. 

​Things I help with

  • Fears & Phobias

  • Surgery Preparation

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Peak Performance

  • Trauma & PTSD

  • Regression Therapy

  • Internalized Conflict

  • Grief and Loss

  • Spiritual Reconnection

  • Weight Release

  • Habit Cessation

  • Pain Control

  • Insomnia

  • Adrenal Fatigue

  • Headaches

  • Autoimmune Disorders

  • ​Limiting Beliefs

​I saw Wendy for my fear of public speaking.  I was losing sleep and panicky just thinking about my upcoming class in Oral Communication. During my session Wendy helped me first identify my core fear behind giving a speech and taught me how to tap the fear away.  We finished the session with hypnosis. I left feeling relaxed and confident with no thoughts of fear. I just completed my first speech presentation and I received 100%.
Samantha, CSUSM student

"My son is highly competitive and was so hard on himself when he played tennis that his self-doubt was ruining his game. The stress came too much and he asked me for help. I'd read about hypnotherapy for athletes and while we were both reluctant at first, after two sessions with Wendy he'd become much calmer on court and learned to release the negativity and enjoyed the game again.

​Mother of teenage athlete 

Contact Wendy on 949 244-7246, wendypurcell@gmail.com, 25431 Cabot Road Suite #207, Laguna Hills, CA 92653